Soda City Elopements

Meet Cody and Kara. Nope, today isn’t their wedding day. In fact, they are already married. You may be asking yourself, “Well, why are they dressing up in as if they just got hitched?” Glad you asked. Cody and Kara are visionaries and entrepreneurs at heart. They are from Columbia, South Carolina and have an amazing visual sense for getting married in the midlands area.

I’ve been connected with Cody and Kara via social media for a good bit now. They hit me up on Instagram and said they desired to throw an idea my way and if I could help them. Of course! We met up in February for coffee at Curiousity Coffee in Columbia, South Carolina. They ran over their vision of starting an elopement business, offering different packages and more cost efficient alternatives for couples in the midlands area. They wanted to use what beautiful spots already existed in Columbia, such as Sesquicentennial State Park, Saluda Shoals or even Riverfront Park, to name a few. Cody explained how they eloped in the mountains of North Carolina and it was a really amazing experience. This is why this was so special for them both. Such an amazing idea and not a service I’ve seen around here.

So, Cody and Kara wanted me to shoot both of them for branding in their new venture and business. I, of course, said yes. I’m all for supporting small business and the dreams of people. I had so much fun not only hanging with and shooting them today, but to also share a helpful piece of vision in the process. I hope you enjoy the images and please go drop them a follow on their Instagram and check out their site!

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