Engagement Photo Session at Pretty Place: Daniel + Emily


Beautiful mountain engagement photos at Fred W. Symmes Chapel (Pretty Place) in Cleveland, South Carolina. Located outside of Greenville, South Carolina.

When Emily reached out to me wanting to shoot an engagement session at the Fred W. Symmes Chapel, of course i said yes! Pretty Place is in fact, VERY PRETTY (pun intended)! That’s what most folks called this chapel anyway, Pretty Place, which is in Cleveland, South Carolina. I’d highly recommend venturing out this way if you find yourself in the upper region of South Carolina. You can find all the info of this place here: Pretty Place.

Daniel and Emily were so fun and super chill and quite frankly one of my favorite shoots to date. And might I add two really beautiful people who are crazy about one another, so there was hardly any effort needed in creating beautiful imagery.

And they brought donuts?!

Funny story - Traditionally, when I shoot couples for their engagement sessions, I throw a few “unposed candid” prompts I do that creates fun and light emotion-type shots. One prompt that I always use is I tell the couple to draw close in front of one another and direct them to whisper in their significant others ear their favorite dessert in their sexiest voice. No couple can survive more than a second without laughing uncontrollably. But Daniel’s answer made me laugh and is literally an answer I had never heard before. Most folks go with cheesecake, cookies or something of the kind. Daniel, his answer was gas station donuts. LOL! QT donuts to be more specific.

Need to try these donuts.

It was so much fun capturing some stunning images of you guys. I wish you both nothing but love, laughter, success and a life full of adventure.