Proposal at Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens, Columbia, SC: Brandon + Aubrey

Proposal at The Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens, Columbia, SC: Brandon + Aubrey

Gorgeous marriage proposal at The Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens, located in Columbia, South Carolina.

This was such a beautiful proposal I had an opportunity to be apart of.  Brandon and Aubrey were such fun people.  And might I add, Brandon orchestrated this really epic proposal.  

It was around 8 in the morning, no one around and not a single soul on the property, except Brandon and this ring he was about to give his future bride.  We were at the Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens in Columbia, SC, which is such a beautiful property in itself.    You could watch the utter excitement and joy in Brandon’s face.  Now myself, I was hiding in the bushes, so Aubrey wouldn’t see me.  Ha!  Aubrey arrived thinking she was here for a disposition with a client, but luckily did she know, her future husband was standing in a gazebo with a ring.  Ahhh!!!!  

Aubrey arrived and her expression went from confused to shock to literally scream for joy.    They both embraced and you could sense the excitement in the air.    This is the good stuff right here.  


Congratulations Brandon and Aubrey!    I wish you nothing but success, happiness and the overwhelming love and joy that your wedding will bring you both!    Thanks for affording me the opportunity to be apart of this beautiful moment that you both will hold close for the rest of your life!