Farmer's Market fun in Augusta

Meet Elizabeth and Justine! These two young women are the visionaries behind “Yankee & The Belle.” In their words, “one is spicy New Yorker and the other a sweet Georgia peach.” They are currently working on an upcoming cookbook filled with an amazing fusion of recipes from the north and south. And living a good part of my life living in both the northern and southern part of the US, I’m here for this!

I met Elizabeth back in January of this year and had the privilege to shoot her and her girlfriends for her birthday weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. You can see that blog post here.

When Elizabeth reached out to me wanting a branding shoot for this business venture, of course I said yes!

Hello, this involves food! Just kidding. I was here for the farmers market food too. Kidding again.

It was fun to hang with Elizabeth, meet her business parter Justine and hear out their incredible ideas on their cookbook, where they want to take this and what their preferred types of foods are.

We spent that Saturday morning strolling the farmers market, picking out veggies and catching all the different vendors in what they had for sale that day. This was my very first time at this market and I was unbelievably impressed. The people were really friendly, the weather wasn’t too hot and the food… the food… ah! So, so good.

Here are some highlights of the morning and some of the items Elizabeth and Justine picked up. And look at the size of that mustard plant! Wow. And if you gain a free minute, give Yankee & The Belle a follow on Instagram. You can get there by clicking here.

Best of luck and great success ahead for you both!